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Many individuals work hard to make a living and do not expect to have an accident at work. In Nassau County, an employee who is injured on the job, or suffers a work-related illness, has a legal right to receive Workers' Compensation benefits. Almost all employers in the state are required to obtain Workers’ Compensation insurance, which provides cash benefits and medical care for workers who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job.

Get An Experienced Nassau Workers’ Compensation Lawyer On Your Side

Nassau Workers’ Compensation lawyer, Mary Ellen O'Connor, routinely represents a variety of clients throughout the local area, including Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including union members, civil servants, state and city employees and first responders who have suffered workplace injuries. She has extensive experience submitting claims and fighting for the rights of injured workers before the Workers' Compensation Board.

What are Nassau’s Workers' Compensation Benefits?

If you are injured on the job or suffer a work-related illness and are not able to work, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Weekly cash disability benefits: Weekly benefits equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. This amount is based on all earnings, including overtime, bonuses and second jobs.
  2. Medical benefit: An employer must pay for reasonable and necessary medical care, including emergency room visits, hospital care, doctor visits, diagnostic testing, medications, medical equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  3. Schedule Loss of Use (SLU): An SLU award is issued by a Judge who determines the amount of loss of use, or permanent restriction, of injured body parts such as arms, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, or toes. These injuries often involve fractures, sprains, and muscle tears and may require surgery. An individual who suffers a permanent loss of vision or hearing or a facial disfigurement may also be entitled to an SLU award.
  4. Lump sum Section 32 settlements: This is an agreement between a worker and the insurance company to waive all or part of the workers' compensation claim in return for a one-time lump sum cash payment.
  5. Death benefits: If a worker is killed on the job or dies from complications of an injury or illness, his or her family members may be entitled to collect benefits.

What is Medicare Set Aside?

If you are within 30 months of retiring, you may qualify for a Medicare set aside. This is a financial agreement that allocates a portion of a Workers' Compensation settlement to pay for future medical services related to the Workers' Compensation injury or illness upon retirement.

Why You Need an Attorney for a Workers' Compensation Claim

In a Workers' Compensation case, neither the employer nor the employee is deemed to be at fault, but a claim is only paid if the employer or insurance carrier agrees that the injury or illness is work-related. Unfortunately, employers contest some Workers’ Compensation claims and insurance companies for reasons that may have nothing to do with the injury.

If you have been injured at work and need help filing a claim with the Workers' Compensation Board or your employer is contesting a claim, contact the Nassau Workers’ Compensation law firm of Mary Ellen O'Connor today for a free consultation.

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